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Dr. Richard A. (Rick) Lippin is a recognized leader in the medical specialty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM), which he practiced for over 25 years during which he held senior positions in Atlantic Richfield Company’s (ARCO) Corporate Medical Department. His most recent position, held since 1987, was Corporate Medical Director ARCO Chemical Company where he had responsibility for the management of Occupational and Environmental Medical Programs on a worldwide basis, including the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.

Following his retirement from ARCO in Dec 1999, Dr Lippin accepted a position as Chief Medical Officer of an internet based Holistic Health Company and currently is employed by the US ARMY as Director of the U.S. Army Health Clinic at Tobyhanna Army Depot, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania.

In recognition for his achievements in his field Dr. Lippin was the 1997 recipient of the prestigious
Health Achievement in Occupational Medicine Award given annually by the American College of
Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM).

Dr. Lippin holds academic faculty appointments at Jefferson Medical College and at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Both are located in Philadelphia.

Within his field Dr. Lippin has developed special expertise and leadership in Worksite Mental Health and Behavioral Medicine issues in their relationship to employee health and productivity outcomes. He became an authority on work stress. He also has expertise in the responsible application of Alternative Medicine to the worksite. In 1996, he assumed the Chairmanship of ACOEM’s Mental Health Committee, and shortly thereafter was appointed as the only physician to serve on the U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) research priority (NORA) team on Organization of Work (OOW).

In regard to Alternative Medicine Dr. Lippin planned and executed the first full day seminar in Alternative Medicine at a U.S. medical specialty annual scientific meeting- the American Occupational Health Conference (AOHC) held in Chicago, Ill. in April of 1994. This event and a subsequent resolution submitted by Dr. Lippin led to a formal position statement on alternative Medicine, adopted and published by ACOEM in July of 1994- again the first U.S. Medical Specialty to do so. In January of 1996, Dr. Lippin published the first peer-reviewed article on the topic of Alternative Medicine in the Workplace in the highly regarded journal Alternative Therapies edited by Dr. Larry Dossey.

Dr. Lippin also coined the term “Arts -Medicine” having founded, in 1976, the American Physicians Poetry Association (APPA) and in 1985 the International Arts-Medicine Association (IAMA) dedicated to providing a forum for communication between arts and health professionals on a global basis. The arts-medicine movement incorporates the many links between the healing and creative arts including arts therapies, the environmental enhancement of health care facilities through the arts and the use of the arts in public health education. In 1997, Dr. Lippin was invited to author a chapter on Expressive Arts Therapies in a textbook, The Fundamentals of Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Second Edition, (Ed-M.Micozzi) the first textbook for medical students on the subject.

As chair of ACOEM’s Mental Health Committee from 1996-2001, Dr. Lippin was instrumental in assisting ACOEM with its official position statement on Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS), which contained the following historic language, “MCS research will not finally dissect psychological and physiological effects. Indeed modern medicine no longer supports a mind-body dichotomy.” Also Dr. Lippin advanced the acceptance of work stress as a discipline within the field of Occupational Medicine.

Dr. Lippin writes and speaks extensively on the above topics often in a keynote capacity.

Dr. Lippin is a resident of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he lives with his wife, his son, and his daughter.

September 2002

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