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For Street Musicians
Play on street musician

Enter your plea against the city’s noisy parade
Spread you vibes into the lonely crowds,
Their hurried pace
Their groaning eyes.

Huddle “the misfits” around you
Safe in your umbrella of sounds
Secure in your universal language
They understand

As I do

That you are a reminder that the city, somehow, will survive

You are the Sirens of sanity,
The Pied Pipers of hope.

Play on street musicians,
Play on

Your voices are being heard
By those who walk-by

R. Lippin

Great and strong bridges
Span vast and old wounds
Finally, we have all come home

R. Lippin
9 October 1993
Tokyo, Japan

Take thou
The correct words
The words that connect you to yourself
And you to others

Take thou
The beautiful words
The truthful words
The words that heal and make you whole

Take thou
These words
Now at the hour of sleep
And forever

R. Lippin

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