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I once attended a special poetry reading in Philadelphia where each participant was asked to read a poem which dealt with the theme of HOME.

HOME is one of those words (even the shape and sound of it) that often evokes deep thoughts and emotions and hopefully deep sharing. Specific thoughts and memories arise pertaining to childhood, family, special events and moments, as do general concepts such as warmth, safety and security and, of course, love. Perhaps sometimes not?

My website is asking you to complete the following sentence with no more than two sentences.

HOME is:

What does HOME mean to you? I am asking for just two sentences from each of you because the concept of home is so powerful that you are requested to do some deep thinking and distill your thoughts into “word essence” (like Haiku does). The concept of home is too important for excessive verbiage.

The winter holidays (holi-days) are most associated with being or coming home. (Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, others). Each late winter we will choose 10 “best” selections but you can enjoy them all, anytime? anywhere?