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Are you a pessimist or an optimist? Perhaps you call yourself a realist? It is difficult in today’s world to have reason for optimism. Pessimism, cynicism or even nihilism seem to be growing given the crises in so many of our human institutions. Many contemporary scholars believe we are literally teetering on the brink between self-annihilation or a new renaissance.

Yet, to me, despite all the evidence to the contrary or because of all the evidence we all have a moral imperative to be optimistic. To not embrace and nurture an optimistic perspective is an act of immorality because its contributes to the likelihood of global collapse.

In my garden there is sundial with an engraved well-known saying- “Grow Old Along With Me —The Best is Yet To Be”. This is probably not true “realistically” given the losses and infirmities associated with the aging process. Yet, I believe we have a moral obligation to behave as if the statement were indeed true.

Inherent in the word “somewhere” is the essence of hope. “Somewhere” is a place where all can be well. We may never achieve “somewhere” or meet there but we must behave as if we will.

My SOMEWHERE PROJECT asks that you send me songs with the word somewhere in them like “Somewhere over the Rainbow “ (The Wizard of Oz) or “There’s a Place for Us" (West Side Story).

An intellectual friend of mine once said to me that one definition of the Messiah is “he who does not come” But he agrees that the messiah is somewhere. And that makes all the difference!

Somewhere out there are your somewhere songs. Please submit them to my website so that others may listen to them or sing them. If you do listen to or sing them try gazing at the moon when you are listening or singing which will help.


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