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Many deep contemporary thinkers believe that humanity's last, best chance for survival in the 21st century is the emergence or re-emergence of the Feminine which is the nurturing intuitive, creative and spiritual essence within all of us- male or female- soldier or lover.

Generally women but especially mothers possess these qualities.

While all of us on this planet may not be mothers we all have or had mothers and surely we can all nurture motherly qualities within us. A genius psychiatrist and my friend, Dr. John Diamond taught me the central importance of reconnecting with the love of our mother as the essential prerequisite to mental health, happiness or even achieving bliss.

Surely you ask but there are bad mothers who harm their children physically, emotionally and/or spiritually?

Yet, on some deep level we all yearn and need to love our mother —we hunger for their loving smile, their touch, their warmth and their songs. By hungering for these qualities we have the opportunity to re-connect to them and to the unconditional and infinite love of a God- the mother of us all. Read John Diamond's poem in the poems section of this website. I believe Diamond's piece could save humanity.

My LOVE YOUR MOTHER PROJECT suggests the following:

That you share with others on this website:

- send in your statements as to why you love your mother
- send in your stories about your mother
- send in your letters and poems about her
- send in greeting cards, songs, poems by others that best express your views about you mother
- send in statements about the qualities that you see within yourself that most remind you of your mother

Let it be declared that in the United States that Mothers Day, the second Sunday in the month of May is designated as the most important holiday (holi-day) of the calendar year. Each year on Mothers day we will assemble the best LOVE YOUR MOTHER offerings and forward to as many world leaders as we can possibly find-especially to those nations who continue to treat women with disrespect or worse.

Through the LOVE YOUR MOTHER project we will work toward maximizing motherly qualities within each of us. It can save us! It may be our last best chance.