Seminars > The Art and Power of Self Discovery


A seminar for executive leadership in the 21st century

Many authorities believe that knowledge of self is the basis for emotional intelligence. Successful executives need emotional intelligence in order to navigate the extraordinary challenges of leadership in the 21st century.

Some of the problems that we are seeing in corporate America today relate to the fact that emotional intelligence is not taught in America’s most prestigious schools of business.

This seminar posits that achieving self knowledge and emotional intelligence can best be achieved by engaging directly in the arts. By engaging in creative writing, painting, playing music, or dancing the self begins to emerge. By doing these activities each person begins to manifest recurrent themes, which represents their individual essence- simply put, “who they are”. This is also known as making manifest ones own entelechy.

Dr. Rick Lippin who has worked extensively with executives and in the arts will lead this full day seminar where specific techniques will be taught to begin this journey of self-discovery through the arts. This seminar is not about producing good art-but about using creative expression as tool and path toward self-knowledge. Once knowledge of self is achieved the spill over to improved executive decision-making and success will follow.

Upon retirement the executive is encouraged to continue on this incredible journey.