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The most underutilized source of health in our times

The finger- wagging paternalistic physician whose advice is often related to eliminating vices is rapidly becoming a dinosaur in a new world where humans are viewed as inherently good. Emerging instead is the physician/educator who provides patients “permission”, encouragement and support to engage in activities that provide pleasure without being self- destructive.

The “prescribing” of responsible pleasures is based on a worldview of the universe as loving, beautiful and bountiful. Man is viewed as inherently good and deserving of enjoyment so that “thou might be enjoyed”. Modern neuroscience is scientifically validating the medical benefits of pleasure and the modern principles of behavioral medicine can be applied to this growing field.

This seminar will teach you how to:

-identify what pleasures are most suited to you
-how to incorporate them into daily living (not just weekends or holidays)
-how to avoid the traps of excesses that can backfire
-how to help others, especially family, friends and co-workers both support and join you

Most healthy pleasures are free or low cost. They include the pleasures of the body, the mind and spirit. Simply putting more hugs and laughter in your daily life is a start. It just takes a bit of courage.

Time pressure on all of us is a great adversary but we will discuss ways to cope with this.

My ultimate goal is to have each of you die with a smile on your face (no rush) knowing that you lived life fully and well and knowing that you had your share of moments of fun and pleasure and on occasion sheer bliss.


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